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Church Services

Our main family service is at 9:45am on Sunday mornings. The service lasts about an hour. After about 20 minutes together, the children leave for Sunday Club or Crèche (they can stay if they want to!). Tea and coffee are served in the church hall after the service.


We have a communion service every Sunday, either combined with the main morning service or in a separate service at 11:30am (or very occasionally in the Evening Service). All who love the Lord Jesus are welcome to share communion with us.Our evening services are generally at 6:30pm and offer the chance for worship and teaching, followed by light refreshments.

After our morning and evening services, people are available at the front of the church to talk, listen and pray.
Alternatively, church leaders are always happy to meet anyone at other mutually agreed times.

The table below shows the topics and times for our services in December 2017.

Date Time Event Communion Series/Topic/Speaker
3rd December
9.45am The Nine Forty-Five Service Yes Romans 15:1-33
Jonathan Dawson
  11.30am Communion  No n/a
    Evening Service No No Service at Ford's Lane
Join us fro Carols at 5pm in Bramhall Village
10th December
9.45am The Nine Forty-Five Service No Romans 16:1-27
Jonathan Dawson
  11.30am Communion  Yes n/a
  6.30pm Evening Service No "Visit to Egypt"
Susan Dawson
17th December
9.45am The Nine Forty-Five Service No Nativity Service
Led by the Young People
  11.30am Communion  No n/a
  6.00pm Evening Service No Carol Service
Jonathan Dawson
24th December
9.45am The Nine Forty-Five Service Yes Christmas Eve
Jonathan Dawson
  11.30am Communion No n/a
  4.30pm Christingle Service No "Christingle"
Shelley Logan
25th December
10.30am Christmas Day Service No Christmas Day
Jonathan Dawson
    Communion  No n/a
    No Evening Service No  
31st December
9.45am The Nine Forty-Five Service Yes "Give thanks and dream"
Mike Wilson
  11.30am Communion No n/a
    No Evening Service    




"How good it is to sing praises to our God".
Psalm 147:1
The Nine Forty-Five Service
Congregation on the balcony

Father's Day Brunch

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