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About Us

What we believe
The church at Ford's Lane is a company of people who have received Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. All who belong to Christ are members of "the Church ... which is His Body". We therefore receive as members all who declare their faith in Christ and whose godly behaviour is evidence that they belong to Him.

We acknowledge no spiritual head other than our Lord Jesus Christ and we are not responsible to any organised group or denominational body. We are one of many similar churches throughout the world and have much in common with all true Christian churches. Our beliefs are those taught in the Bible which we accept as the inspired Word of God.
All of our services are public and everyone is welcome to attend.
The church is led by our Pastor, Jonathan Dawson, and a group of Elders (including the Pastor), who are together primarily responsible for the spiritual well-being of all who attend our services. They work with Ministry Teams who look after the buildings and deal with other practical matters.  

We have a Community and Families Worker, Shelley Logan,.

Our services are led by the Pastor or by different members of the congregation and occasional visiting speakers.

Pastor: Jonathan Dawson (0161 439 3103)

Community and Families Worker: Shelley Logan

Church Worker: Andy Lee

Hon. Treasurer Neil Wilson (01625 250 791)

Other Information
We practice baptism of believers by immersion. Infants may be brought for an act of dedication and thanksgiving during one of our normal services. Our regular communion services are open to all who love the Lord Jesus and know Him as their Lord and Saviour.

We have close relations with Christians in many other churches and are active participants in "Churches Together in Bramhall and Woodford". Ford's Lane supports the Churches Together project The Mill.

Time to talk
Young people
Coffee Time

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